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01 Haircut $50

 This service  provides a suitable, elegant styled haircut achieved with clipper blending, shear trimming and straight razor line up for clean finish.

04 Head Shave / Face Shave $35

Hot towel, streamer for the duration of the shave, cold towel, shaver optional, aftershave, moisturizer

Our Services

02 All Scissors Cut $60

Any haircut that consists only or mostly of using scissors (longer natural look)

05 Haircut with Beard Trim $70

Combination of both Service 1 and Service 3 

03 Beard trim $30

Clean up edges of beard, sides and under the neck. Also, take down the length of the beard if requested. Hot towel, cold towel, after shave, and moisturizer.

06 Haircut with Traditional Razor Shave or Head shave with a Traditional Razor shave $75 

This service includes the use of hot towels, facial steamer during shave, moisturizer and a cold towel to refresh the razored areas.

All I can say is that these guys are HIGH QUALITY. Especially coming from the east coast its a different type of breed of barbers. The vibe and ascetic of the shop makes you feel like you never want to leave. Braveheart is not only where you need to get a haircut, but where you want to be. 

Jacob Evans

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